Meet Mary Carolyn Roberts 

PhotoMary Carolyn is a native of Middle Tennessee and a longtime resident of District 20. Her commitment to her community and hard work was instilled in her at a young age and has guided her work for her constituents.

As a child, Mary Carolyn’s parents operated a business together and were active in their community. Her mother was active in the community and, just prior to her recent passing at the age of 91, was recognized by Cumberland University for her years of service on the Board of Trustees and her service as the first woman to serve on the Planning Commission.

Mary Carolyn has herself been a leader in putting together public-private partnerships to help her community, translating her love for the arts into meaningful assets to the community, and being a responsive representative for her neighbors throughout the district.

When not addressing the needs of District 20, Mary Carolyn is an active and successful real estate professional with Village Real Estate. She enjoys spending time with her friends, travel, the arts, and playing tennis.

Mary Carolyn was elected to represent District 20 in 2015. She earned a degree in management from the University of Alabama. She lives with her husband, Matt, and their three dogs, Beep Beep, Ziggy, and Gigi.