Issues and Accomplishments 

PhotoFour years ago, Mary Carolyn made a commitment to District 20: to honor the district’s past while building its future. She promised you that as your Council member, she would increase communication to the district,  take her cues from her constituents when making development decisions that shape our community, and always vote in the best interest of her district.

Working together, Mary Carolyn and the community have done that and so much more, making lasting progress in District 20.

When taking office, Mary Carolyn sought to implement a plan of smart growth throughout the entire district. This meant securing funding and building a plan for better sidewalks, bike lanes, and smarter traffic flow. She has taken innovative steps to accomplish this, sometimes incorporating public private- partnerships to achieve those goals.

Some key accomplishments from the last four years working together include:

PhotoIn The Nations, Mary Carolyn led the effort to make 51st Avenue a complete street, creating a new and vibrant corridor for residents to enjoy.

Mary Carolyn got the trucks off of Robertson Road by securing a multi-million-dollar bridge on Robertson Road with 100% private funding.

In Charlotte Park, Mary Carolyn worked to secure needed crosswalks and stop signs to make our neighborhoods safer and more family-friendly. She also led the effort to form the flourishing Charlotte Park Neighborhood Association.

Off of White Bridge Road, Mary Carolyn has worked alongside the community to fight the influx of development and the continued issues related to water and infrastructure.

At the entrance to Beacon Square, Mary Carolyn secured a four-way stop to help traffic flow.

Off of Knob Road, Mary Carolyn secured a solar-powered flashing warning beacon installed to slow traffic, and she continue to fight hasty development.

Mary Carolyn expanded the UZO to include 7,500 of our homes to ensure that the community will get needed sidewalks without being reliant on special projects to fund them.

PhotoIn West Park, Mary Carolyn helped develop one of the largest outdoor pieces of art in the country.

The hard work Mary Carolyn and local residents have put in to building a better community has also helped create a hub of small business activity in District 20. Over the past two years, there have been over 20 ribbon cuttings for new businesses that are part of our community.

Business is, of course, not the only growth occurring in District 20. Mary Carolyn has worked and will continue to ensure that our neighborhoods remain true communities, not just houses on a street. That means continued support for local neighborhood associations.

This is an exciting time for District 20, and Mary Carolyn will continue working hard for this district over the next four years. There will be opportunities to grow, but she will keep an eye on the critical goal of protecting the community’s character and keeping it a great place to live, work, and play!